River Survey-Debris Flow

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5th-MSD Workshop, Taiwan

20140314further info: http://www.dprc.ncku.edu.tw/msd2014/

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ICRE_workshop_1ICRE_workshop_2Program_4 Program_1 Program_2 Program_3



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The Brantas River Cleaning up

We are supporting and participating on the cleaning up program of the Upper Brantas River.

Brantas #2Brantas #5Brantas #3Brantas #1


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We are scheduling to participate on 4th International Workshop on Multimodal Sediment Disaster – Disaster Risk Mitigation through Partnership-based Knowledge Sharing, Yogyakarta, INDONESIA, September 7 – 9 , 2013.

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OPaC meeting at AIT, Jan 2013

A meeting between International Research Center for River Basin Environment, University of Yamanashi (ICRE-UY), Japan and it’s Overseas Partnership Centers (OPaC) was held on 06 January, 2013. The meeting is a continuation of earlier discussion which was made 2 months before in Hanoi, Vietnam. The objective of meeting was to discuss on future activities and sustainability of OPaC in context of ending the project period and regular fund of Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) at UY, Japan by the end of March 2013.



Date:  06 January 2013

Venue:  Meeting room, Water Engineering Management (WEM), AIT

Started: 2:30 pm


1. Prof. Futaba Kazama (ICRE-UY)

2. Dr. Kei Nishida (ICRE-UY)

3. Prof. Saturo Oishi (Kobe University)

4. Dr. Sangam Shrestha (AIT, OPaC, Thailand)

5. Dr. Rabin Malla (CREEW, OPaC, Nepal)

6. Dr. Saroj Kumar Chapagain (CREEW, OPaC, Nepal)

7. Ms. Maneesha Shakya (CREEW, OPaC, Nepal)

8. Dr. Dian Sisinggih (UB, OPaC, Indonesia) via Streaming

9. Dr. Sri Wahyuni (Unej, OPaC, Indonesia) via Streaming

10. Dr. Ratih Hapsari (Polytechnic Malang, OPaC, Indonesia) via Streaming


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GCOE-UY International Symposium (Nov, 22th-23th, 2012)

coming event .. (http://www.gcoe.yamanashi.ac.jp/file/UYGCOE201211e.pdf)

Knowledge Sharing and Cooperation related to Water Problems in Asian River Basin
Deepening and developing research and education into river basin water at the Global Center of Excellence, University of Yamanashi (GCOE-UY), 2012



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The 10th International Symposium on SAWE (Nov, 8th – 10th, 2012) Hanoi, VIETNAM

We are actively contributing on oral and poster session at the SAWE Intl. Symposium (http://www.recwet.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/asian_water2012/About%20Symposium.html)


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Available Now !

Download Link: http://river.lecture.ub.ac.id/files/2012/07/WQ-Report.pdf

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Guest Lecture: Introduction of Natural Disaster Management in Japan

Recently, Dr. Ichiko INAGAKI (IICRE-UY) was glad to share and to introduce  the Natural Disaster Management in Japan to a class of Special Postgraduate Programme of Water Resources Eng.-UB.


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RIVER WATCH: A Water Quality Monitoring for River

In the coming weeks, we are about starting to do a river-water quality check and monitoring for selected sites of upper part of Brantas River and Sampeyan River. A Water Quality test kit is used to carry out  in situ test for a certain period of monitoring.

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Modelling of Flood in Urbanized Area (SUIKOU-2D)


Need for flood modelling

To minimize the potential losses of lives and damage to property and possessions, a computer based flood modelling exercise can be undertaken with relative ease.

Although physical model studies also are possible but those are complicated given the time, cost and effort required to carry out these type of studies.

The knowledge and information gained from this modelling exercise can be used in a variety of ways for building resilience to the hazard due to flooding like generate flood maps, prepare emergency plans, undertake risk assessment, carry out diagnostic exercise for the sources and causes of flooding, flood warning, etc.

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Seminar – IFRG

Date: 24 Feb (Friday) Time: 13:00 – Room: B1-336
Presenter 1. Dr. Ichiko INAGAKI – Outline of IFRG activities

2. Dr. Dian Sisinggih   – Urban Flooding

3. Dr. Sri Wahyuni      – Flash Flood


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One Day Roundtable Meeting



Acknowledgements :

The Organizing Committee would like to extend its deep gratitude and appreciation to the participants for the faith they had in us and tangible contribution to the success of the meeting. We hope there was a fruitful discussion for all of you.

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Flood Survey 2010 – 2011





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